Wellapets is based on leading-edge research
To date, more than 10 studies have demonstrated the educational value of well-designed games, and more specifically, the utility of games to keep kids healthy. With the help of physician experts, we designed Wellapets with these proven principles in mind.

As a parent, this means you can trust that your child is learning what he or she needs to know in order to stay well. And healthier kids make for happier, less stressed families.
kids playing mobile game
Video Game Improves Behavioral Outcomes in Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer

This study introduced a video game addressing critical concerns of cancer treatment and care to a group of teenagers and young adults undergoing cancer therapy. The randomized trial was conducted in 34 medical centers in the U.S, Canada and Australia.

  • Improved treatment adherence
  • Increased self-efficacy and knowledge
  • Supports video-game interventions for education in healthcare
kids playing mobile game
Educational video game for juvenile diabetes

This study introduced an interactive video game designed to improve self-care among children and teenagers with diabetes from two separate diabetes clinics for a six-month period.

  • Improvement in diabetes-related self-efficacy
  • Increased communications with parents about diabetes
  • Decrease in unscheduled urgent doctor visits