Mobile health applications in workplace health promotion

Mobile health applications in workplace health promotion: an integrated conceptual adoption framework

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Mobile health applications have proved very useful in preventive healthcare. Yet, neither theorists nor practitioners have
considered mobile health applications in the context of workplace health promotion. This paper aims to fill this gap by discussing
the suitability of mobile health applications as a measure of workplace health promotion and the underlying motivations that
drive employees to adopt the use of mobile health applications in the workplace. Drawing on the technology acceptance model,
health belief model, and the theory of planned behavior, constructs affecting adoption behavior are identified, relevant
propositions are arrived at, and managerial implications are discussed.

In the 21st century’s occupational settings, economic and technical innovations have revolutionized production
industries through labor saving devices and automation processes. Thus, fewer workers are engaged in primary industries, while the number of people employed in sedentary industries has increased tremendously. Most
workplaces today are not only sedentary, but also provide easy access to high-calorie foods and beverages. Poor diet
and physical inactivity are major risk factors for non-communicable diseases and even more so for so-called lifestyle
diseases [1]. Lifestyle diseases are characterized as diseases whose occurrence is primarily a result of people’s daily
habits and their inappropriate relationship with their environment [2]. Obesity is an example of a lifestyle disease
that generates high costs associated with sick leave, injuries, disabilities, and health care claims [3]. Given the
demographic trends in westernized countries as they shift towards an older workforce, preserving employee utility
up to retirement age is of paramount importance, as are short-term savings.


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