Gamification: Lifeguard Games' Wellapets App for Kids With Asthma

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Source: Wellapets

In some communities, the prevalence of asthma, which affects over 6 million U.S. kids, has doubled in the last decade. After witnessing the hardships that families must endure when their kids are sick, according to a press statement, LifeGuard Games’ co-founder and CEO Alex Ryu left Harvard Medical School to create Wellapets: a series of educational pet games that can help kids stay healthy. He sees an opportunity to teach and motivate kids by speaking their native language, through games. Wellapets’ first game, for asthma, combines the research-validated educational and health-promoting power of games with the personalized lovability of virtual pets – like Neopets and Club Penguin. Wellapets was designed with input from pediatricians to teach the clinical guidelines that they recommend. When playing the game, kids walk their dragon Wellapet through the correct steps of using an inhaler, activate its controller/maintenance inhaler twice per day, clean up asthma triggers, and diagnose asthma symtoms. LifeGuard Games’ stated mission is “to cultivate a healthier global generation of kids by becoming the first educational entertainment brand for kids’ health.” MedCity News reports that the team may next create a game for kids with food allergies.

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