Research on a Novel Type of Hybrid Propulsion System and Control Strategy for Tracked Vehicle

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Research on a Novel Type of Hybrid Propulsion System and Control Strategy for Tracked Vehicle

In order to search after a new way for the propulsion system of the tracked vehicle, a novel type of power-split hybrid propulsion system is proposed. Its configuration and working mode are set down, and then its power distribution and control strategy are also analyzed. A collaborative simulation model is built to simulate the system, based on interface technology between AMESim Software and MATLAB/Simulink Software. The mechanical assembly is modeled by AMESim; meanwhile the control system model is built by MATLAB/Simulink. Finally, the simulation result shows that the performances of the new hybrid propulsion system are superior in many respects to the comprehensive hydraulic-mechanical gearbox and especially its acceleration time is only 7.9s from 0 to 32 km/h.

It is a trend that a vehicle will be characterized by the wide use of information, hybrid propulsion, power electronics and modern control technologies. And the hybrid propulsion technology is the basic but important one, especially for tracked vehicles. By far, only a few schemes are suitable for tracked vehicle, and are still on the way of studying. It is believed that adopting a planetary gear set to implement hybrid propulsion system for vehicles is a great direction. The six configurations have been analyzed in [1] and [2], which could construct the power-split hybrid propulsion systems. Based on these researches and considering the great differences between motorcars and tracked vehicles, a novel type of power-split hybrid propulsion system with closed-end clutch is proposed in this paper. And the working prince, power flow and control strategy are planned out. Finally the control strategy is validated and the performance of the vehicle equipped with the novel power-split hybrid propulsion system is forecasted by co-simulation.

A new type of power-split hybrid propulsion system involving a closed-end clutch is designed in this paper. Simulation analysis of structure of system, mechanic-electric device, direction of power, control strategy and performance of the vehicle indicates that: 1) The system omits great deal batteries and special generators which are needed in common hybrid propulsion system. 2) Power demand of engine is decreased and output of engine is optimized because of mechanic-electric hybrid propulsion system. 3) The vehicle has strong drive capability, and can conquer rough working condition and improve passing performance. 4) The system has closed-end function in electric working condition, which improves system work efficiency and implements optimum design of hybrid propulsion system. 5) Optimization selection of every working mode makes engine work in high efficiency range constantly, which decreases oil consumption. Therefore,the new type of power-split hybrid propulsion system has simple structure and excellent performance, and has an extremely using future. The design methods of the hybrid propulsion system and its control strategy in this paper can also provide some reference for structure and control method design of other hybrid vehicle.