Android Projects From Basic to Advanced Level

Android Projects From Basic to Advanced Level-Codeshoppy

Android is an operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel, and it was primarily designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is known to everyone that building projects in Android play the most important role for any android developer. Because the best way to learn Android is by developing some basic projects to some advanced projects. 

Android OS has found its usage, not only in smartphones and other areas of smart devices, but also in automotive and many other industries, as its applications grow more and more over time. Even though Android OS is based on a Linux kernel, some problems arise while trying to execute Android applications on other Linux kernel-based operating systems. Execution of Android applications on an Android emulator was an acceptable solution until their growing complexity demanded more hardware resources. On the other hand, Linux containers were developed and became more popular.

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So before working on real-world projects, it is suggested to create some sample projects in android studio and get a taste of project creation as well as execution. Here, you will find the 100+ Android Project Ideas with source code and stepwise explanation.

  • There is a huge rise in the overall number of Android apps and android projects today. Android is the chosen platform for real-time apps and android projects in popular android project domains such as shopping and online payments.
  • Google is well focused on smarter and automated stuff that use Artificial intelligence.
  • Android Architecture from Google is helpful in defining best practices. Thus, Android development has become easier and more understandable, even for any challenging android studio project.

Generally, API level means the Android Version. This determines which version the developers are targeting their application and what is going to be the minimum level of the android version in their application will run. For setting the Minimum level and Maximum level android studio provides two terminologies.

  • minSdkVersion: This means the minimum Android OS version that will support the app and
  • targetSdkVersion: This means the version for which the developers are actually developing their application.