Automation System using Android Studio Service

Automation System using Android Studio Service-Codeshoppy

As the name suggests, this project involves designing and building an Android-based home automation system by leveraging android and using Bluetooth as the wireless communication medium. This home automation system flaunts a simplistic design and is used to control 3 appliances. However, you can extend the system to control 6 or more devices. 

The project includes relatively few electronic components and does not involve any intricate soldering. The core components are android R3 (Board1), three relays (RL1 through RL3), and the HC-05 Bluetooth module. The main goal of this project is to depict how to switch on/off electronic appliances that are connected via three relays using a smartphone/tablet with an Android app. Mentioning Android projects can help your resume look much more interesting than others.

Garbage Management System Project

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Android OS has found its usage, not only in smartphones and other areas of smart devices, but also in automotive and many other industries, as its applications grow more and more over time. Even though Android OS is based on a Linux kernel, some problems arise while trying to execute Android applications on other Linux kernel-based operating systems. Execution of Android applications on an Android emulator was an acceptable solution until their growing complexity demanded more hardware resources. On the other hand, Linux containers were developed and became more popular. Android Mini Project Topics 2022 2023

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